Letter to my heart

Wild and restless heart, can you hear the song of the world? Does it tell you all you need to know? Or does it only fill you with more wildness and restlessness?

Oh, I know, it’s so hard to keep quiet. Even when you have all the answers, the furious beat, the thrill of anticipation, the insatiable curiosity, the wonder of life – they all drive you to wish, to hope, to wonder. Continue reading “Letter to my heart”

Two sides of the river

I am afraid. I wonder if you can see that. Sometimes, when the night is dark and I am alone, the fear comes and covers me like a shabby old blanket that I never wanted. Others, it manifests itself like a pill that got stuck in my throat and now scratches the esophagus, brings tears to the eyes and provokes such suffocating desperation that I become aggressive and defensive – towards you and anyone else who dares to be curious. Continue reading “Two sides of the river”

Letter to you

Thank you for being a part of my life. Maybe I don’t see you anymore. Maybe I don’t know where the road has taken you. Maybe you are the nice old lady who I met on a bus when I was too arrogant for my age and situation and taught me that every profession deserves respect as long as it is honest. Or perhaps you’re the friend who kissed the first boy I ever liked after I had talked about him for months. Continue reading “Letter to you”

Letter to my grandfather

I will never forget how yours was the most beautiful goodbye I ever went through. Nobody can convince me it was just a dream. There I was in the backstage of your new life, watching you. There were so many people running around, making sure everything was ready for your rebirth, but all I could see was you. Smiling at me like you always did. Continue reading “Letter to my grandfather”

Letter to my future self

So. What’s up?

I hope life’s great. I really do.

What about work? What is it, after all? I wish you could tell me which path you chose. I chose. We – let’s settle on we. What path did we choose? Continue reading “Letter to my future self”