Letter to my heart

Wild and restless heart, can you hear the song of the world? Does it tell you all you need to know? Or does it only fill you with more wildness and restlessness?

Oh, I know, it’s so hard to keep quiet. Even when you have all the answers, the furious beat, the thrill of anticipation, the insatiable curiosity, the wonder of life – they all drive you to wish, to hope, to wonder. Continue reading “Letter to my heart”

The truthfulness of your feelings

I recently went through a breakup and it got me thinking about the truthfulness of our feelings. I was so sure that I was in love with him. Not all the way (it was too short for me to fall all the way), but I was convinced I was on the right track and that I cared more about him at that stage than I ever did about a man outside my family. Continue reading “The truthfulness of your feelings”

Ever-lasting love

“In youth you believe in love at first sight. When you’re older, love takes longer to grow.” Someone told me something more or less like that a few weeks ago. His point, I assume, was to show me that I am too young to understand the complexity of such an important feeling. I smiled because of the irony: I was never that young. Continue reading “Ever-lasting love”

Love is not complicated

I remember the first time he gave me his heart. I had brought him a gift, a silly little something (a car toy, I think), and was shamelessly using it to bribe him for his attention. He wasn’t much of a smiler then – actually, he wasn’t much of anything. He just rolled his eyes whenever someone talked, as if he had heard the tale a hundred times before. And cried. And ate. And slept. So I offered him the gift without really expecting any results. Continue reading “Love is not complicated”

Letter to you

Thank you for being a part of my life. Maybe I don’t see you anymore. Maybe I don’t know where the road has taken you. Maybe you are the nice old lady who I met on a bus when I was too arrogant for my age and situation and taught me that every profession deserves respect as long as it is honest. Or perhaps you’re the friend who kissed the first boy I ever liked after I had talked about him for months. Continue reading “Letter to you”