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You can do whatever you want

You can. There’s no question about it. The only one who can stop you is, well, yourself. I know – everyone says that. But there’s something particularly true in what is timelessly repeated. It’s very easy to find excuses. I don’t want to hurt him. She will be mad at me. I will disappoint them. I will be judged for it. They won’t understand. I don’t know how. It’s all excuses. Stop this, right now. You can. And you should.

25 reasons to smile

For the last few days (ok, let’s be honest here – for the past few months), I’ve been trying to define in one word what my 24 were about. It took a lot of internal debate, long night conversations with my inner selves and some retrospective reflections, but I think I came up with the ideal one: Honesty.