10 feminist songs that you should know about

Maybe you already know them. Maybe you don’t (you probably have already heard at least a few). Either way, I decided to come up with a list compiling what I believe to be 10 of the best songs celebrating female strength and character. Continue reading “10 feminist songs that you should know about”

The stigma of being alone

When I was twenty, I went to a Katy Perry concert. At some point, while waiting for it to begin, I engaged in conversation with a group of girls and they asked me where were my friends or my boyfriend. I replied that I was alone and they looked at me with horror, as if I had just told them that I was a serial killer. “Why?” One of them asked in what was almost a whisper. I shrugged, smiled. “I wanted to come alone,” I answered. “But why?” Insisted another. Continue reading “The stigma of being alone”

Budapest: a toast to independence

Two months before I completed 24 years of age, the wildest idea came to me: to travel alone somewhere I had never been before. I had already traveled a few times on my own, but always for work, which doesn’t really count since all the details are handled by other people. I was going to go somewhere close like Paris, which is just a few hours from Brussels. But when I was searching for tickets I found a promotion to Budapest and thought: why not? Continue reading “Budapest: a toast to independence”