Your luck is the one you make

When I was very young – I believe I was seven or eight – my mother took me to a hairdresser that lived in the countryside of Sao Paulo. She took care of all the hairs of the whole family (I’m not really sure when we began to trust her with this task, but when I was little, we wouldn’t even think about going somewhere else). Her salon was an adjacent part of her home, which was something close to a small farm (big house with a very big garden, a lot of different kinds of pets and an unaccountable number of weird little beings that either crawled, buzzed or flew).

Anyway. On a particularly sunny Saturday, I found myself annoyed because I had to wait for my mother to get her nails painted, and those weird little beings that I just mentioned were kind of freaking me out because I couldn’t seem to be able to keep them away. Then I saw a black cat. Continue reading “Your luck is the one you make”