…and their impact on me.

North-American singer Josh Ritter has a beautiful song called “Change of Time”, of which I only know about because it was played in an episode of one of my favorite TV shows, The Blacklist. I was on the verge of tears when I heard it the first time. Continue reading “…and their impact on me.”

Bruxelles, je t’adore

As I heard the news about the Brussels chaotic situation on the 22nd of March, I felt a mixture of dread with disappointment. Something like: “I had figured this would happen eventually, but I wish it hadn’t.” Continue reading “Bruxelles, je t’adore”

The forecasted departure

One year. I’ve been in Belgium for one year. Today is the anniversary of my arrival here. I remember the day I took the flight: still at home, putting the last things in my suitcases, thinking that I was really grown-up because I hadn’t shared a single tear. Then I fought with my mother for a stupid reason that I can’t even remember anymore and that was the catalyst: in a completely unexpected way, I sat down on the floor and cried like a child. Continue reading “The forecasted departure”

Brussels: Home is where your heart is

I always believed that. For me, in fact, those people who feel the urge to come back home after some time away were some kind of a mystery to me. Why be so attached to a specific place when the world is so big and full of other things to see and live? It doesn’t make any sense. Continue reading “Brussels: Home is where your heart is”

The power of genealogy

There was a lot of internal debate about how to start this text. It took me almost a month to decide, and you will never know how many times I changed it before publishing it. But life can’t be led by theory, it demands action, so here it is, published for your entertainment and my self-pleasure. Before anything else, though, I want you to read what I wrote during the minutes that preceded the discoveries that would later lead me to the writing of this text. Here it is: Continue reading “The power of genealogy”