The gift of time

There’s nothing in this world that is more underestimated – or overestimated – than time. You either think you don’t have enough of it, or you figure you have too much of it. And the truth is always what you least expect.

A few years ago, we had a loss in the family. It was worse than ever because it was a new life that temporarily filled us with hope. Then, 24 hours later, that hope was brutally taken away from us by the pragmatic Darwinist law that controls and defines our world, our society and even you. Continue reading “The gift of time”

The forecasted departure

One year. I’ve been in Belgium for one year. Today is the anniversary of my arrival here. I remember the day I took the flight: still at home, putting the last things in my suitcases, thinking that I was really grown-up because I hadn’t shared a single tear. Then I fought with my mother for a stupid reason that I can’t even remember anymore and that was the catalyst: in a completely unexpected way, I sat down on the floor and cried like a child. Continue reading “The forecasted departure”

About the cheap thrills of life

Solace can come to our lives in the strangest ways. For the most typical reason on the book (breakup), I was feeling sad and disappointed. It’s not like I wanted to cry or be isolated from the rest of the world. I was fine. But I didn’t feel like smiling. Continue reading “About the cheap thrills of life”

Ever-lasting love

“In youth you believe in love at first sight. When you’re older, love takes longer to grow.” Someone told me something more or less like that a few weeks ago. His point, I assume, was to show me that I am too young to understand the complexity of such an important feeling. I smiled because of the irony: I was never that young. Continue reading “Ever-lasting love”

Don’t think too much

I have been pondering about what is the best subject to start the 2016 posts (the most uplifting, the most funny and helpful, the most whatever) for a week now – actually, for a month. I started ten different texts, discarded them all, and started other ten. And repeated the process all over again. I was, in fact, on the verge of beginning a new text, when I suddenly remembered this one, and the topic on it seemed to be the perfect advice to myself: don’t think too much.

So I decided to post it. Read it and judge for yourself =) Continue reading “Don’t think too much”