Never Forget Elephant Foundation: fresh from the oven and ready to change the world


Last December, Ava Lalancette volunteered at a program called Journey to Freedom in Northern Thailand. It wasn’t her first time, she’d been volunteering for years. But this time there was an element of novelty: she was trekking with elephants in the middle of the jungle instead of helping out at the Elephant Nature Park, an elephant sanctuary under the umbrella of Save Elephant Foundation (also responsible for Journey to Freedom). “I knew immediately after trekking with them for the first time that this could be a beautiful way to get to know them while they enjoy their freedom,” she tells me. “Two weeks in, I knew I had to be a part of the solution.” Continue reading “Never Forget Elephant Foundation: fresh from the oven and ready to change the world”

Disney Orlando: Dreams do come true

For every wanderlust person out there, there is a place they wish to visit more than any other. The “one day I’ll go there” place. It’s ok if you never go to a lot of cities and countries, but that one you must absolutely go at some point. It’s fundamental, if nothing else, because it’s a dream.

For me, that place was Disney World, in Orlando. Continue reading “Disney Orlando: Dreams do come true”

Brussels: Home is where your heart is

I always believed that. For me, in fact, those people who feel the urge to come back home after some time away were some kind of a mystery to me. Why be so attached to a specific place when the world is so big and full of other things to see and live? It doesn’t make any sense. Continue reading “Brussels: Home is where your heart is”

London and the Big Bang thought

The Caffè Nero on Great George Street was completely crowded, so the miracle that I found a free stool by the window was not lost in me. I was feeling pretty lucky that day. I had visited the Trafalgar Square and the London Eye and was sipping hot chocolate with the most beautiful view available: the Big Ben. Continue reading “London and the Big Bang thought”

Paris: The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower

My eyes were tightly closed while I felt the metallic rumble under my feet. A hundred thousand million people made this ascent before, I kept telling myself like a mantra while feeling a hysterical wave of panic trying to engulf my heart. A hundred thousand million people, maybe more. Don’t panic, please don’t panic. Continue reading “Paris: The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower”