Never Forget Elephant Foundation: fresh from the oven and ready to change the world


Last December, Ava Lalancette volunteered at a program called Journey to Freedom in Northern Thailand. It wasn’t her first time, she’d been volunteering for years. But this time there was an element of novelty: she was trekking with elephants in the middle of the jungle instead of helping out at the Elephant Nature Park, an elephant sanctuary under the umbrella of Save Elephant Foundation (also responsible for Journey to Freedom). “I knew immediately after trekking with them for the first time that this could be a beautiful way to get to know them while they enjoy their freedom,” she tells me. “Two weeks in, I knew I had to be a part of the solution.” Continue reading “Never Forget Elephant Foundation: fresh from the oven and ready to change the world”

Give your blood to the cause

I remember breathing hard, trying to control my terrified heart while a sort of unbreakable resolution took over my troubled self. My mind was clear enough, but my hands shook, my legs felt like jelly. I was using the little strength I had at the tender age of nine to force my small body against the kitchen counter, using my butt to prevent anyone from getting near the drawer full of knives. It wasn’t anyone that I feared would try to gain access to it, though. It was my sister. Continue reading “Give your blood to the cause”