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The Chinese portrait game

One day, during French class, we played Chinese Portrait (you know, the game where you say “If I was a …, I would be a …”). As the intention was to learn vocabulary, we were doing it with all kinds of things. If I was a flower, if I was a color, if I was an actress / actor, if I was a movie…

Then came the question: If I was an animal, I would be…


The things you don’t dream about

I dreamed about the adventures I would live, the people I would meet. I still do. Dreaming is second nature to me, a feature that some people think is naïve, others childish, but that I consider as one of my most important assets. For all my dreaming, though, something that never crossed my imaginative mind, never once in my 26 years of life, was living in Asia.

25 reasons to smile

For the last few days (ok, let’s be honest here – for the past few months), I’ve been trying to define in one word what my 24 were about. It took a lot of internal debate, long night conversations with my inner selves and some retrospective reflections, but I think I came up with the ideal one: Honesty.

My self-starvation problem

I wrote this text about three months ago. I kept hesitating to publish it, though, because, as you will see, it is a very personal matter – well, it was not just that. What really stopped me from making this text public is the fact that what I admit in these lines shamed me.

The truthfulness of your feelings

I recently ended a relationship – ok, he was the one who ended it, but who cares? – and it got me thinking about the truthfulness of our feelings. I was so sure that I was in love with him. Not all the way (it was too short for me to fall all the way),

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