The Chinese portrait game


One day, during French class, we played the Chinese Portrait game (you know, the one where you say “If I was a …, I would be a …”). As the intention was to learn vocabulary, we were doing it with all kinds of things. If I was a flower, if I was a color, if I was an actress / actor, if I was a movie…

Then came the question: If I was an animal, I would be… Continue reading “The Chinese portrait game”


The things you don’t dream about

Everything was fine. Everything had been fine for some time – I had been so much calmer than I thought I had the capacity to be in those circumstances. Sometimes I thought that maybe I was in shock, and that was why I was so ok.

Then panic hit.  Continue reading “The things you don’t dream about”

Dark moods

I feel before I see it. The winds come first; they tell me the secret of a thousand stories. Fierceness lies quietly underneath – the prelude of a thunderstorm that can break me apart. Continue reading “Dark moods”

The one-year mark

One year ago, on the first of July, 2015, I tried to deal with my raced heart as I pressed the button. I was making A Thousand Epiphanies go public. Continue reading “The one-year mark”

Letter to my heart

Wild and restless heart, can you hear the song of the world? Does it tell you all you need to know? Or does it only fill you with more wildness and restlessness?

Oh, I know, it’s so hard to keep quiet. Even when you have all the answers, the furious beat, the thrill of anticipation, the insatiable curiosity, the wonder of life – they all drive you to wish, to hope, to wonder. Continue reading “Letter to my heart”