The Collector, by Nora Roberts

I am probably one of the most fanatic Nora Roberts fans ever. I have all of her books and have been reading them slowly but steadily for the past two years. So it was no surprise that when The Collector was out on April 2015, I bought it without a second thought.

The interesting thing about reading too much of someone’s books is that you start to see certain patterns and changes in the writer’s style over the course of time. Her earlier books were more centered in passion, then there was too much violence, and now there is always an underlying layer of fun and laughter. Continue reading “The Collector, by Nora Roberts”

The beauty of Hallelujah

In 1984, the Canadian singer Leonard Cohen arrived at the studio where he was recording his album Various Positions and presented the song Hallelujah. Nobody knew at the time his struggle to compose it, and almost nobody appreciated at all. The song was hardly heard for almost a decade. Then Bob Dylan sang it in a show. Then John Cale did a cover, followed by Jeff Buckley. The song exploded. It is considered today one of the most reproduced songs of all time. Continue reading “The beauty of Hallelujah”

A life-changing diary

The Diary of a Young Girl, published in 1947, was originally a diary written by a German/Dutch Jewish teenage girl named Anne Frank between 1942 and august 1944 – when she and her family were captured and taken to a concentration camp. She died a few months later, supposedly from typhus.

I first heard about the book in 2013, I guess. I wasn’t really interested in it at the time, so I let the name come and go on my mnemonic bookshelf. Then my sister read it and couldn’t stop talking about it. Curious as I am, I peeked at a few pages, but lost interest (again) right away. The style and the problems exposed in the first entries, when she is free and spends her days with friends and boyfriends, were way too irrelevant. Continue reading “A life-changing diary”

What I learned from Pocahontas

The 33º Disney Animation Movie wasn’t really a big hit. Not, at least, where I lived. Everyone I asked responded (then and now) that Pocahontas is definitely not his or her favorite. Most people didn’t even bother to watch. But I always loved it. No other movie talked to me more about our place in this Earth and our relationship with it than Pocahontas. It taught me some things that, in my belief, are essential to what I became. So I decided to share the top ten reasons why it affected me so much – just in case you didn’t watch, or in case you did watch, but did not pay attention to these parts. Continue reading “What I learned from Pocahontas”