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Gloria Steinem and Emma Watson: Inspiring women that inspired me

Emma Watson is one of the women I admire the most. Like, in the whole planet. She found a way to live her passion, which is acting, since she was a child. Then, with what must have been a crazy schedule of filming and studying, she managed to graduate in English Literature at Brown University.

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The collector, from Nora Roberts

I am probably one of the most fanatic Nora Roberts fans. I have all of her books, and have been reading them slowly but steadily for the past two years (before that, I only read occasionally). So it was no surprise that when The Collector was out on April 2015, I bought it without a

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A life-changing diary

The Diary of a Young Girl, published in 1947, was originally a diary (hence the name) written by a German/Dutch Jewish teenage girl named Anne Frank between 1942 and august 1944 – when she and her family were captured and taken to a concentration camp. She died a few months later, supposedly from typhus. I

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