Review: On The Basis of Sex (2018)


“A court ought not to be affected by the weather of the day, but will be by the climate of the era.” This quote is majestically said by Professor Freund in On The Basis of Sex right in the beginning and later repeated by the main character, Ruth, at crucial moments. It’s the central idea of the movie, and it guides the whole narrative. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a young woman full of initiative and hopes to change the world to one that is more equal and just, but no one will give her a chance or listen to her because she is a woman (and it’s the 50s). But about 15 years later, with the second wave of feminism raging on, she tries again – and succeeds. The world was ready – or more ready than before – to equality then. Continue reading “Review: On The Basis of Sex (2018)”

My thoughts on The Mentalist

I don’t exactly remember why I started seeing The Mentalist (2008-2015), but I can tell that when I did, I quickly became obsessed with it. Patrick Jane (interpreted by Australian actor Simon Baker) and his clever tricks – more than that, his boldness – hooked me from the first second. And his personal drama captivated me because I understood what it was to live the aftermath of a trauma. Continue reading “My thoughts on The Mentalist”

What I learned from Pocahontas

The 33º Disney Animation Movie wasn’t really a big hit. Not, at least, where I lived. Everyone I asked responded (then and now) that Pocahontas is definitely not his or her favorite. Most people didn’t even bother to watch. But I always loved it. No other movie talked to me more about our place in this Earth and our relationship with it than Pocahontas. It taught me some things that, in my belief, are essential to what I became. So I decided to share the top ten reasons why it affected me so much – just in case you didn’t watch, or in case you did watch, but did not pay attention to these parts. Continue reading “What I learned from Pocahontas”