Hi there! My name is Gabrielle Winandy (feel free to call me Gaby!).

I was born in Belgium, bred in Brazil and now living in Singapore.

It took me a long time to start this blog – not because I didn’t have what to write about, but because I was unsure what to give priority to. Travel? Culture? Thoughts? Life lessons? Short stories? Inspiring people?

Then it occurred to me: why do I have to choose? Why do I have to pick only one topic and stay glued to it? That’s how I came to the blog’s name – because realizing this was one of the thousand epiphanies I have every day.

I want to talk about anything that is part of my world, so I’ll do exactly that. And, after May 23rd, 2017, there will be other voices too – contributor voices that will enrich the experience of reading this blog that I love so much. It’s important for me to open up my blog, as I feel myself opening up to the world, day after day, discovering what it means to live in collaboration and shared experiences.

Every word that appears on this blog under my name is of my own creative domain, and any reproductions elsewhere must have been previously authorized by me.

Oh, it is important that you know this: English is not my native language. I always reread everything I write multiple times, but mistakes are bound to appear. I hope you’ll forgive me for any error I might make.

Other than that, the only thought I have to add is: have a wonderful time reading. I hope I can enchant you with this blog, and inspire you to open up your own ideas to others. Good reading!


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