Until The Babies Came

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I went through my life happy, carefree and unplanned. I was in my early 20s and just wanted to finish school.

Mother’s Day 2004 changed all of that forever. 

I hadn’t been feeling well for a couple weeks by then, so out of sheer curiosity, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive well before the three minutes the instructions say to wait.

Wow. A baby? I was excited. Nervous. I ate everything- Pizza Hut breadsticks, Dairy Queen Blizzards, pineapples, and more. I was terribly fatigued and had pre-eclampsia. In the end, I couldn’t wait to meet my baby.

Cameron was born on January 7, 2005. He’s thirteen and has a younger brother and sister. Julian is eleven and Lily is nine. I married their dad between Cameron and Julian’s births.

Until the babies came, there were many things I didn’t know but these are just a few:

  • One of the worst feelings as a parent is having to break your child’s heart and not being able to fix it. One example is having to explain to my kids why we had to put our very well-loved dog, Tiger, down. A tumor on his leg ruptured and it was the best option. We only had him a few months, but he was a great dog and everyone that came to our house loved him.
  • Watching your child in pain or sick is crushing. I spent days sitting with Cameron in the ICU due to a heart issue. I wanted to jump in the bed and endure all the medical stuff myself so he wouldn’t have to but Cameron was great. He just got slightly bored.
  • I had no clue that children could seriously test your patience one hour and be your favorite person the next.
  • A child’s hug can be so precious.
  • That you can teach a child a lot but yet they teach you more than you could ever imagine.

I’m in my 13th year as a mom with many more to go. I still have so much to learn. My three teachers are the best I could ask for.


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