Music as a Coping Skill 

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I love music. It helps me work, celebrate, play, and most of all, think. I have thought many things through while listening to music. The last two years have been incredibly hard for me and music, among other things, has helped me sort things out. 

Thanks to having a mom who likes old R&B and a dad who likes classic and some current rock, I like a variety of artists. My favorite band is Fleetwood Mac. I started listening to them as a teen and haven’t stopped since. I’ve seen them once live and loved it. Mick Fleetwood is my favorite drummer, with Dave Grohl coming in at a close second.
Why Fleetwood Mac? Most of their best music was made before I was born. (I turned 35 two days before writing this post, so the math is pretty easy there.) I’m not a huge fan of the 80’s albums, but I love almosy everything from the 70’s and from the 90’s on. The music is amazing, and I hope to be half the writer Stevie Nicks is. That woman is fierce. She’s got a great voice and has spent most of her life doing what she loves. The lyrics are thought-provoking, which I really enjoy the most. I actually have a lyric from “Silver Girl” tattooed on my right side- “You cannot see her soul unless she lets you”. It describes me very well. I’ve spent many hours listening to songs on repeat and that one deeply sat in my mind.

I also enjoy some pop, rap, R&B, and surprisingly, a little bit of country. My husband is a huge fan, it’s all he listens to. I’ve only followed a few country artists, one being Taylor Swift.

I didn’t really like her music in the beginning, I used to actually joke about it. But then, “Speak Now” came out and BOOM. I’ve been a fan ever since, and so is my daughter. We are hoping to see her in concert in June 2018.

“Enchanted” always will be my favorite song by Taylor Swift. It reminds me of “Cinderella”, which is my favorite fairy tale, and it has a deeply emotional meaning to me. I’ve cried my way through this song a lot, but yet it leaves me with memories that I will always cherish.

Over the years, I’ve watched Taylor change her music, appearance and men. I applaud her for not being afraid to do something different. I like her music so much because I can relate to it and the beats are great. I can think all day while listening to her.

I have bad days, just like everyone else. Music is one of my biggest coping skills, and I am up to almost 800 songs in my collection. I’m always looking for more.

What are your coping skills? Does music help you during tough times?


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