A Better Florist for the world

A birthday gift, a congratulations present, an unexpected surprise, a nice thing you do for yourself: what other reasons can you think of to buy a flower bouquet?

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A birthday gift that fits all types of relationship, especially those that are very important to you. A congratulations present for a success, a new challenge or a new exciting life-changing event. An unexpected surprise, like those you make just to see a smile on your loved one. A nice thing you do for yourself, because you want something pretty in your house. Is for all of those reasons (a few bit more) that A Better Florist exists.

It all started in 2015, when Steve Feiner, that had been until then working for Google, resigned to start his own company, an online flower shop that promises beautiful arrangements that are more fresh and affordable than elsewhere. Because the flowers come from the Cameron Highlands, in Malaysia, you end up getting a product that lasts longer. Another success factor is their efficiency: if you need, the bouquets can be delivered within 90 minutes (if you’re not in such a rush, you can set up a time and date to have them delivered).

2017-07-01 12.10.49-1
The Wonderland bundle, with a bouquet of tulips, two scented candles, and a glass vase.

When my bouquet arrived – within the time frame I had requested, thank you very much -, I was beyond pleased. The photos on the website, put there to illustrate each bouquet, don’t do justice to their beauty when you see them live. They also sent a glass vase, which was incredibly convenient, since I had forgotten to buy one, and the instructions that came along were a godsend, as I am not very well versed in the care taking of flowers (although I really appreciate them).

There were several options on the website (although not too many as to make you feel overwhelmed). I had chosen tulips, and I felt they were the right choice for me when they bloomed beautifully the next day. The whole package also included scented candles and flower food to put together with the water: this was the biggest surprise of all. It might be ignorance on my part but I had no idea that flowers had this kind of food, which made me glad that they had sent some. It comes in a small sachet with colorless liquid. Interesting indeed.

The company is located in Singapore for now, although there are plans to expanding it to neighboring countries. It also offers other services beyond delivery of wonderful flower bouquets: it provides flowers for events, such as weddings and corporate occasions, and fruit baskets and others.

Now I have a wonderful bouquet of tulips on my dinner table, and every time I pass by it, I smile to the sheer beauty of it. I suppose Steve would be happy: his aim is for A Better Florist to make people smile. It works on me 😉

To know more about A Better Florist, click here.

2017-07-01 12.18.47
Adding elegance and beauty to my humble dinner table


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