Letter to my blog

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Maybe you think I abandoned you. Maybe I did, in the sense that I stopped needing you so bad. I didn’t forget you, though. During this big absence, I kept thinking about ways to come back to you, to make you active and interesting again. I kept planning and planning, and letting the days go by.

Not that I neglected you for sheer laziness or distraction. Real life’s been pretty hectic, and I guess I put you in second. Terrible, I know. It’s sort of ironic that I never stopped coming back when everything was so bad, during that dark time, remember? And then, when things got busy (but not specifically tough), I just… didn’t come to you. I’m sorry about that.

If it’s any consolation, you’re too important in my life, in this moment, for me to completely give you up. So maybe I was absent for a while, and maybe I’ll be absent for long periods of time again in the near future. But remember this, in times of dust: I love you. I will always come back, as much as I can.

You may be wondering what I’ve been doing with my life that occupied so much of my time that I couldn’t give you the gift of my attention. Let’s see. I’ve been working a lot, studying. I made a big dream come true (and I will tell you all about it soon). And I found a new passion.

I had this strange idea that I had already found all my passions in this life, then I was knocked back by a new, unexpected one. I’ve been diving in the subject for weeks, even months now. I don’t want to precise which is it just now because, as always when we fall in love, the scope of my passion is yet too big, too subjective for me to describe it in a few words. The idea is that, with time and study, I’ll be able to refine it and find the specific topic in this amazing subject that intrigues me the most.

I’m being vague, I know. And we both get easily suspicious of vague content. It could mean a lot, or very little. Suffice to say, I’m being kept busy by life, and that’s why I’ve been absent. I don’t regret the reasons that kept me away, but I do regret the fact that you were place in second because of it.

Be patient, my beautiful, simple blog. I love you.



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