The gift of time

There’s nothing in this world that is more underestimated – or overestimated – than time. You either think you don’t have enough of it, or you figure you have too much of it. And the truth is always what you least expect.

A few years ago, we had a loss in the family. It was worse than ever because it was a new life that temporarily filled us with hope. Then, 24 hours later, that hope was brutally taken away from us by the pragmatic Darwinist law that controls and defines our world, our society and even you.

This brief breath of life provoked an epiphany in me that still haunts me today. Well, when I analyze it, I understand it was not quite an epiphany; it was more a sort of millennial knowledge that became accessible to me: the idea that we rarely say all the things we want to say until the time runs out and we lose our chance.

Have you already said I love you? I’m sorry? Forgive me? Why? Yes. Don’t go. Don’t leave me. Stay. I want to try. I want to risk it all. Let’s go together. You can do this. I missed you. I want you. Thank you. I love you.

Have you said it? Say it all. Say it now. The moment comes and goes, the door opens and closes. Take the chance. Throw yourself at it.

Say whatever the hell you need to say, right now. Even when it’s hard. No. Leave me alone. You hurt me. I’m disappointed. Stop. Go away. You’re wrong. Don’t touch me. Stop hurting me. You promised. I believed in you. I am leaving. Not ever again.

Say it all, say it now. Right this second. Without hesitation, without regrets. Because a breath of life, 24 hours, might make all the difference. It might mean the beginning… or the end.

Time is a gift. You don’t always believe that because it’s too easily available; until it isn’t anymore and you feel that life is unjust. But it is not: it has been giving us the greatest gift of all everyday, since our birth, and will continue giving it to us for as long as possible. Just because we don’t know where the finish line is, it doesn’t mean that the judges cheated.

So say it. Say everything. Say all the words, express all the feelings, take all the chances. Say it all before you cross the finish line.

Have you said it? Be honest. Don’t lie. Not now. Not in the next 24 hours.

It might be all you have.

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