The top 10 albums released in 2015

It was very difficult to compile a list of my favorite ten albums of 2015. Not because there weren’t enough options, but because there were too many. According to a Wikipedia list, there were 640 albums released in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom alone.

For organizational purposes, I concentrated on English-speaking works. You should know beforehand: I absolutely love pop, pop rock, dance pop and basically any kind of pop, so most of the list is related to that.

Ok, let’s get down to business. Oh, and be aware: the albums are arranged in no particular order. I like them all with the same enthusiasm and intensity: wholeheartedly.


Imagine Dragons – Smoke & Mirrors

ID_Smokeand mirrors_COVER_STD_v01 (2)

This is an incredible album. Containing 13 tracks, it was released in February and I still have 10 of them in my listen-everyday-all-the-time favorite list. The official singles (“I Bet My Life”, “Gold” and “Shots”) are all worth hearing, but you should also pay attention to “Smoke and Mirrors”, “Friction”, “Dream” and “Trouble”.

Fall Out Boy – American Beauty / American Psycho


When I first heard these songs I didn’t like it that much, I confess. They were too heavy, too loud, too much. Then I went to their concert and suddenly I loved the whole album. They have great energy on stage. My favorites are “Irresistible”, “The Kids Aren’t Alright” and “Immortals”.

Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind


That was another CD that I didn’t expect to like. Their indie rock ballads usually lull me for a few days and then I can’t stand it. But this week, while I was doing a mental retrospective of the best, I realized I still hear most of the songs of the album every day, after months and months. So it got into the list. Special attention to: “Tompkins Square Park”, ‘Wilder Mind” and “Ditmas”.

Adele – 25


I loved this album so much I even did a whole post about it, detailing each track (you can check it here). Of the 11 songs, 10 are my favorite (the one that I didn’t like is I Miss You). It’s not very pop, but Adele never was. It’s her, completely. The ones I can’t live without are “Love in the Dark”, “Remedy” and “Million Years Ago”.

Demi Lovato – Confident


I have been a fan of Demi Lovato since pretty much her first CD. In this one, she innovated without fear, proposing new beats and tempos. Her lyrics, as always, are as powerful as her voice. Must-hear tracks: “For You”, “Lionheart” and “Father” (the latter was written for her biological father, who died last year).

Zedd – True Colors


The Russian musician turned me into a till-death-do-us-part fan with this album. I became instantly obsessed with the tracks “True Colors”, “Addicted to a Memory” (which has the most insane beat ever), “I Want You to Know” and “Straight into the Fire”. Amazing piece of work from start to finish.

Mika – No Place in Heaven


I have been hearing his songs since the debut of his career, and whenever that happens, you are able to follow the musical phases of the singer. In Mika’s case, I saw his not-always-so-smooth transition from new age to pop. Now he’s finally in a place where he produces beautiful records with even more beautiful lyrics. “Talk about You”, “Good Guys” and “No Place in Heaven” are eternal favorites.

Avicii – Stories


“Trouble” is without a doubt the best song in the entire album. The lyrics, combined with what seems to be a “Wake Me Up” follow up melody, make me want to cry and dance at the same time. Perfect. Other than that, the tracks “Waiting for Love”, “For a Better Day” and “City Lights” deserve respect.

A Great Big World – When the Morning Comes


I didn’t know this band before the album came into my life, but I am glad it did, because I loved most of the tracks. Granted, their songs are a little bit too boyband for my usual taste, but they have interesting melodies. In case you’re tempted to check, make sure to hear “All I Want Is Love”, “End of the World” and “Hold Each Other”.

Ellie Goulding – Delirium


With impressive 16 tracks, her album is a statement of femininity, strength and independence. The best songs, in my opinion, are “On My Mind”, “Codes” and “Lost and Found”. In the Deluxe edition there are four additional tracks, and I am currently obsessed with two of them: “I Do What I Love”, which has a kind of Indian beat, and “Winner”, one of the most dignified goodbyes I’ve ever seen. Make sure to hear them if you get the chance.


Well, that’s it. My list is not perfect, and I am sure that you will read and probably disagree with a few of my choices. Feel free to tell your favorite albums released this year in the comments. Maybe it will be a CD that I haven’t heard yet, and one of my favorite hobbies is to discover new music. To discover anything at all, actually. Turns life into a constant (and often wonderful) surprise.



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