Hear the bells!

Christmas is coming. And, unlike the not-yet-fulfilled-threat about winter in Game of Thrones, this holiday is really just about to knock on our doors with its white-bearded red-clothed characters and beyond-healthy-patterns typical food. In a fortnight, more precisely. And the telltale signs are everywhere. Promotions thrown by stores with something next to hysteria, TV specials and retrospectives selecting the best everything of the year, colorful decorations…

The thing I love the most about it is the underlying expectation (and the lights – I really love Christmas lights). There’s this collective vibe in the streets, this subtle excitement to ensure that the magic happens (and it always does). I’ve been trying to pinpoint the why – what is it that keeps it alive? The Christmas Spirit, you could say. Is it capitalism? Is it tradition? Is it belief? Hope?

I can’t talk on behalf of the world but, for me, I would say that what keeps making Christmas such a joyful time is its predictability. I know, I know. The instinct is to avoid anything predictable – usually I can’t stand it. Maybe that’s why it’s so important for me to have one thing that never changes: because everything else does.

In a world that constantly finds new ways of being different, I have the certainty that this will always be the same. The party, the atmosphere, the environment, the presents (even if I don’t get any now that I am a grown-up). It is part of my life, has been since before I was born, will continue to be after I parish, and I can’t ignore it. It’s like my birthday. I can’t pretend it is not happening, or not feel part of it, or not expect it. And even if I could, why would I?

It’s not the religious meaning. I know the story of how Christmas started and all, but I am not catholic and any religious innuendos about this particular holiday have no real effect on me. It’s not the presents either, as I just told you I don’t get any. It’s not even the food, which is always so good.

It’s the love. Can you feel it? It’s so strong now. For the people that are with you – and the ones that aren’t. For the free time. For the themed songs. For the buzzing atmosphere. For the ‘uncomplicatedness’ of the day. For the free smiles and enthusiastic greetings. For the positive energy.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are (if you happen to be in an European city, make sure to check the Christmas Markets – they are so beautiful!). I wish that you feel all the love that’s being given so freely right now. All the hope, the joy, the smiles. The beauty of it all.

The world deserves moments like this. It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year. And, unlike the fearful winter in Game of Thrones, Christmas might be coming, but will end almost as soon as it starts. So enjoy it. And be happy =)

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