Letter to my future-next-important-person

I know. It’s pathetic. I always sneered at all those songs written with the same objective. Yet here I am. Only because I feel lonely tonight (although I would never admit it to you).

Now, what can I possibly say? I intended to tell you all my faults so you would be prepared, but then it occurred to me that you’re just as faulty as I am. We will probably have some conflicts about it now and then, but that’s supposed to make everything more interesting.

I should, however, warn you of this trait of mine: I will probably deny your importance in my life until you decide you want to stay. Not physically; that would be unreasonable of me. Life’s too unpredictable to ask such a thing. When I say stay, I mean stay in my life; stay loyal to what we are.

I’ll probably mess up sometimes, and it’s good that you know that it’s not about you. And it’s not about me either. It’s – Goodness, it’s a whole bunch of things. I just want to let you know that it is not personal. I will open myself to you; you just need to be patient. For as long as you can, anyway.

If I have any hope for you, is that you can be truthful enough to me so I will be able to open myself to you in ways I can’t even imagine now. And I promise you that I will try my best to be brave to do it with you.

That’s it. My letter for my future-next-important-person. Lame, overdramatic, pathetic. And mine. I really hope you don’t ever read this (can you imagine how embarrassing that would be?) But if you do, know that I have written it with my heart.

My best,

Your future-next-important-person.


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