Letter to my future self

So. What’s up?

I hope life’s great. I really do.

What about work? What is it, after all? I wish you could tell me which path you chose. I chose. We – let’s settle on we. What path did we choose?

Are you still in Belgium? Or, most importantly: are you where you want to be? Have all those dreams come true? Are you incredibly successful, as I always hoped you would be?

Are you happy? Maybe that’s the only thing that matters. My heart wishes so much that everything turns out for the best, but maybe the best for us is not what I imagine now, and I don’t ever want you to feel frustrated because of it. Life hardly go as expected, that’s what makes it amazing. So if it is really different from what I am able to imagine now, I hope it is something wonderful and fulfilling to you.

And stop worrying so much about wasted time. I do, all the time, so you probably will, too. But don’t. No time is ever wasted. And be proud. Whatever you are doing, wherever you find yourself. Be proud of everything. Everything.

I hope you never resent me, because no matter what happens, who I am now will always be with you. Even if we’re very different.

My greatest wish though is that when you think of me, when you remember how I am not quite found yet, it also comes to your mind how optimistic I am despite everything else, and you smile because even if all is different, this aspect of us isn’t.

I love you.

All the best wishes in the world,

You when you were 24.

PS: you are NOT old. I always think I am, so you probably will, too. But you’re not. None of us will ever be old.

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