Never Forget Elephant Foundation: fresh from the oven and ready to change the world


Last December, Ava Lalancette volunteered at a program called Journey to Freedom in Northern Thailand. It wasn’t her first time, she’d been volunteering for years. But this time there was an element of novelty: she was trekking with elephants in the middle of the jungle instead of helping out at the Elephant Nature Park, an elephant sanctuary under the umbrella of Save Elephant Foundation (also responsible for Journey to Freedom). “I knew immediately after trekking with them for the first time that this could be a beautiful way to get to know them while they enjoy their freedom,” she tells me. “Two weeks in, I knew I had to be a part of the solution.” Continue reading “Never Forget Elephant Foundation: fresh from the oven and ready to change the world”

Review: On The Basis of Sex (2018)


“A court ought not to be affected by the weather of the day, but will be by the climate of the era.” This quote is majestically said by Professor Freund in On The Basis of Sex right in the beginning and later repeated by the main character, Ruth, at crucial moments. It’s the central idea of the movie, and it guides the whole narrative. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a young woman full of initiative and hopes to change the world to one that is more equal and just, but no one will give her a chance or listen to her because she is a woman (and it’s the 50s). But about 15 years later, with the second wave of feminism raging on, she tries again – and succeeds. The world was ready – or more ready than before – to equality then. Continue reading “Review: On The Basis of Sex (2018)”

The Chinese portrait game


One day, during French class, we played the Chinese Portrait game (you know, the one where you say “If I was a …, I would be a …”). As the intention was to learn vocabulary, we were doing it with all kinds of things. If I was a flower, if I was a color, if I was an actress / actor, if I was a movie…

Then came the question: If I was an animal, I would be… Continue reading “The Chinese portrait game”


The things you don’t dream about

Everything was fine. Everything had been fine for some time – I had been so much calmer than I thought I had the capacity to be in those circumstances. Sometimes I thought that maybe I was in shock, and that was why I was so ok.

Then panic hit.  Continue reading “The things you don’t dream about”

Dark moods

I feel before I see it. The winds come first; they tell me the secret of a thousand stories. Fierceness lies quietly underneath – the prelude of a thunderstorm that can break me apart. Continue reading “Dark moods”